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2013 Golf Balls

 Choosing the right balls is not an easy decision, depending on how fast you swing the club head and what you want the ball to do, there are many choices of balls, I have taken 2 of the leading ball companies and compared  there selection of balls,to help you get the right ball for you.

                                   New Titleist Balls 2013

New Pro V1, Pro V1X
The new Pro V1 feels softer thanks to a softer compression core, which has decreased from the low 90s to the high 80s. The core change means that it will spin less and have a shallower angle of descent than the 2011 Pro V1 off of long clubs. For most golfers, this means longer carry distance and more roll, meaning the new Pro V1 will be go farther with the long clubs than its predecessor.

While the Pro V1 features the same 352-dimple pattern as the 2011 model, it features a newly formulated cover and paint system that adhere better, which makes it more resistant to scuffs and paint chips and actually improves its aerodynamics.

Pro V1X’s dual-core construction, it’s a lower-spinning golf ball off the tee, and thus the longer of the two balls. The Pro V1X is a natural fit for high-speed players.

  • New NXT Tour: The NXT Tour line has been around since 2001. For the 2013 model, the core is slightly smaller and softer and there is more volume in the outer core layer of the 3-piece ball, plus a new dimple pattern. Compared to previous models, the New NXT Tour, Titleist says, is longer while maintaining short-game feel. The MSRP is $42 per dozen.
  • New NXT Tour S: This ball has a softer, lower-compression core compared to the standard NXT Tour, which should benefit low- and medium-speed swings. Also comes in yellow. MSRP $42 per dozen.
  • Velocity: The Titleist Velocity, as you might guess from the name, is about distance. It has the fastest solid core of any Titleist ball, the company says. It produces a high ball flight with "deep downrange peak trajectory." 
  • New DT SoLo: Distance has always been a focus of the DT line, and the New DT SoLo delivers, Titleist says, with the softest compression of any Titleist ball on the market. The DT solo ball flight is penetrating with high roll after landing. MSRP is $28 per dozen. Also available in yellow..
  •   Then there is the Titleist top end ball the Pro V1 ball has increased spin control compared to previous models, and a more consistent ball flight, Titleist  says. The technology involved includes ZG process core technology, responsive ionomeric casing layer, urethane elastomer cover and a spherically tiled 352 tetrahedral dimple design.

  • TaylorMade Lethal

    The Lethal golf ball from TaylorMade is a premium, 5-layer ball that is the company's next-generation ball, supplanting the Penta.

    The Lethal ("Lethal" is used as the sidestamp on the ball) is designed to work well with today's irons that focus on helping golfers launch the ball higher. The Lethal's design takes that into account, with characteristics that counteract ballooning and keep the ball on a more penetrating trajectory.

    The ball is designed to hold its line better in the wind, and, of course, to provide a distance boost over previous generation TaylorMade Tour balls.
Pinnacle Bling

Pinnacle Golf recently introduced its Bling golf balls. The Pinnacle Bling golf balls come in four "high optix" colors - orange, yellow, pink and violet.
Aside from the "blingyness" of the colors, however, there is also a purpose:
According to Pinnacle, the high-optix colors were chosen because they stand out against green and blue. The yellow color is one Pinnacle has used in other balls, but the orange, pink and violet are new for the Bling line.

  •    New Callaway Balls 2013 
  • Callaway's new golf balls for 2012 include the 5-piece premium ball HEX Black Tour and the 3-piece "tour-caliber" HEX Chrome.

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    The Black Tour is touted for its "Spin Separation" - the difference in the amount of spin off wedges and the amount of spin off drivers. Premium performance balls are designed to spin less on drives but more on short approach shots, which leads to better distance performance with the driver but more control and green-stopping performance off wedges. According to Callaway, the HEX Black Tour balls have the largest amount of Spin Separation yet achieved in a Callaway ball.
    The cover on both balls is DuraSpin, a material built for durability.
    The HEX Chrome balls are aimed at golfers with moderate swing speeds and helps those golfers with distance off the tee through a low-compression core. 
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