Sunday, April 15, 2012

Callaway Razr Rangefinder

Callaway Razr Rangefinder
Nikon have partnered up with Callaway and designed the Callaway Razr rangefinder, check out my Callaway Raxr Rangefinder review below, see all the features this little gem has, htis will cut shots of your round and is a must for every golfer who wants to improve their yardages and exact club selection.

The Callaway Razr Rangefinder provides quick and accurate distance measurement up to 600 yards (550 meters) and features First Target Priority Mode. Callaway Razr's cutting edge laser is Nikon's most advanced golf product ever, which yields faster target acquisition for the golfer. Nikon's most compact and powerful golf rangefinder has a fully elastomer armored body design that is 10% smaller than previous models.

Here are some of the cool features
 A  focusing diopter by simple twisting action on eyepiece Reticle allows users to know ranging in progress Capable of distancing different targets in succession for up to 8 seconds Compact, lightweight design Carabiner built-in for ease of access with all walking bags and tour bags Specifications Range - 11 yards to 550' / 3.35 Meter to 167 Meter Increment Reading - 0.5/1 yds. Diopters - Range of +/- 4 diopters Battery - One CR-2.

It is so important to know how far you hit each club and with your Callaway Razr rangefinder it makes it so much more accurate to find out how far you hit each club, so you can pick the right club when it is important.

                          CALLAWAY RAZR RANGEFINDER REVIEW

The Callaway Razr is their mid price laser rangefinder, but it comes with a ton of features. 

Really fast targeting and reading. It easily sight on bunkers, water, the flag, or other landforms or objects.

First, it's faster. With a GPS app there's always some time in advancing it to the correct hole, finding a signal, dealing with app crashes, etc. I whip out the rangefinder and I get a yardage reading in seconds.

 Secondly and this is where rangefinders are really beneficial: It makes practice at the driving range so much more productive. I can take this to any old driving range, one where they haven't updated their yardage signs in decades (even though the tees may move every day), and get precise yardages to all the targets on the range. Now I can get my updated distances on all my clubs.

Third, there is a beauty in keeping things simple. I like getting a yardage reading and that's it

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