Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ping Serene Golf Clubs

There is a new make of ladies clubs introduced by Ping, they are the Serene family. The Serene driver features a high-balance-point shaft, which allowed us to lengthen the shaft ½ inch while maintaining the same overall weight so women can swing a longer club to generate more distance. It’s these types of improvements that continually lead to lower scores and more enjoyment for golfers.”

 Designed specifically for women's swings, the Serene clubs offer more options for female players than most other brands' women's models. Ping is known for its emphasis on proper fitting and custom options, no matter the player's gender or ability. The most notable advantage offered in the Serene line is two women's flex/weight options, Lite and Ultra Lite, in the stock Ping ULT210 graphite shaft -- something you almost never see in the golf-club market, even today.

The wide-bodied, lightweight-titanium Serene driver has an ultra-thin crown, which allows for excess weight to be placed in strategic areas inside the head to optimize forgiveness and launch. The driver is 45 inches long and available in three lofts (10.5, 12 and 14 degrees). An external weight pad has been placed low and back in each of the three stainless-steel fairway woods; combined with the shallow clubhead design, it helps you get the ball up in the air with less effort. The fairway-wood lofts are slow-swing-speed friendly to add additional launch (the 3-wood is 18 degrees, the 5-wood 22 degrees and the 7-wood 26 degrees).

The Serene hybrid-iron set allows you to mix and match hybrids and irons to suit your needs; you can have as many as three hybrids (4, 5 and 6) or just opt for two, or one, or none -- the price is the same per club. That's right, you can buy these clubs in a piece-meal fashion, which is the best possible way to build a set.

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