Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Clubs in the Pro Shop

We have a comprehensive range of equipment available at all times from the Springbrook Golf Shop. Whether you are a beginner, junior or the most seasoned of tournament players, we are authorized stockist for  Callaway, Tilteist, Ping and Taylor Made golf equipment and have demo clubs available for you to try.

The new season clubs are arriving in the Pro Shop everyday, check out the new Callaway Razr and Taylor Made RBZ  , Ping i20 and the Titleist 913 D2 and D3, we have Demo's for you to try and  to help you make the right choice.

There is a all new look in the 2013 Callaway Razr  range of golf equipment, check out the latest Drivers, Fairway woods, Hybrids, Wedges and balls to hit the market in March 2012.

The Taylor Made now have the RocketballZ range of drivers, fairway woods and hyrbrids. The latest Rocketballz irons promises more distance and more forgiveness..

The Titleist 913 have the D2 and D3 drivers, 910 F Fairway woods and 910H Utlitity clubs along with the 712 AP1 and AP2 irons. Then there is the 712 CB  and 712 MB irons. The Tilteist Vokey SM4 wedges in Steel and Graphite,

The Scotty Cameron putters include the California, Studio select, Kombi, Kombi 5, Kombi mid, Kombi Long, then there is the New Scotty Cameron California and Select, there are a total of 12 great Scotty Cameron putters to choose from..

Ping have a great range of golf equipment, the i20 and the G20 Series of drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons, there is a good selection of quality golf clubs to suit your game. Ping also have a great selection of Anser  forged wedges and putters worth looking at. Check out the adjustable belly putter the Ping Nome.

Finding the right golf ball for your game can also be a difficult choice, so check out the latest golf balls and see which golf ball will best suit your game. 

Ping Equipment

Check out some of the latest Ping equipment, here are the i20 Series and G25 Ping series of equipment with a review on the Drivers, Fairway Woods , Hybrids and Irons. Ping have a great range of putters so I have also reviews on a couple of the most popular putters, the Ping Anser Milled putters and the Ping Sydney Putters. Plus a little information on the adjustable Ping belly putter.

Coming up in early August is the  G30 drivers are available in lofts of 9, 10.5 and 12 degrees, and have a new adjustable hosel that’s the same weight and diameter as Ping’s fixed hosels. The drivers can be adjusted as much as 1-degree up or down from the driver’s printed loft and allows golfers to adjust loft incrementally as well: 0.6-degrees higher or lower from the printed loft. The stock swing weight is D3.

The Anser series has an adjustable Driver and fairway woods  and the Serene Women's family of Drivers, Fairway woods, hybrids. irons and putter). For more detailed specs on the Ping Anser Equipment.

The new Tour wedge with "gorge grooves" are now available.

The ladies have a new set of Ping Serene , check out the details.

The Ping i20 series clubs focus on combining a measure of forgiveness with workability, "with the goal to make any golfer a more versatile and complete player," according to chairman and CEO John A. Solheim.

Perhaps the first thing golfers will notice is the matte-black finish on the woods and hybrids. Some other companies are going all-white recently; Ping goes the other direction here. The finish is non-glare.

Engineering targeting high launch angles runs through the Ping i20 series, while the driver also offers aerodynamic benefits. A brief look at each club in the Ping i20 series follows below .

Ping G25 Driver

The Ping G25 driver with the adjustable-hosel is available in four lofts - 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degrees, but each of those lofts is adjustable up or down by a half-degree.

The adjustable hosel is the same diameter as Ping's fixed hosels, , this is called the Trajectory Tuning Technology. The hosel adjustments that affect loft are made using a Ping wrench.

The G25 driver  looks striking with its charcoal, non-glare finish.
The clubhead is 460cc in volume, titanium, with an ultra-thin crown, but with internal structural support in the crown, sole and skirt intended to create a solid feel and sound. The center of gravity position is lower and deeper than in previous Ping drivers.
The Ping G25 driver comes with the TFC 189D graphite shaft as stock. It's a high-balance-point shaft, lightweight, and developed specifically for the G25.

Ping i20 Fairway Woods

 The i20 fairway woods are stainless steel with traditionally shaped heads that are compact to help get through grass. The Ping i20 fairway woods come in strong 3 (14 degrees) and 3-wood (15 degrees), plus an 18-degree 5-wood. The stock shaft choices are the same as with the driver (Ping TFC 707F and Project X Black).

 Ping G25 Fairway Woods

Ping G25 Fairway Woods

The Ping G25 fairway woods come in the charcoal, non-glare finish. They also have an extreme variable thickness clubface, designed to translate the energy of impact into higher ball speeds.

The G25 fairway woods have a stainless steel construction in large but low-profile clubheads, with a low and deep center of gravity. They are built to help promote a higher launch, with more forgiveness - particularly on shots struck low on the clubface.
The Ping G25 fairways come in 3-wood (15 degrees of loft), 4-wood (16.5), 5-wood (18), and 7-wood (21). The stock graphite shaft is the TFC 189F

Ping i20 Hybrids

Ping G25 Hybrids
A compact head and a low and deep center-of-gravity position help the Ping i20 hybrids promote a high launch angle and trajectory. There is more surface area lower on the clubface, which Ping says helps promote forgiveness and optimize launch conditions. The Ping i20 hybrids are available in three lofts at the time of launch, 17, 20 and 23 degrees. The stock shaft options are the TFC 707H (lower spin, lower trajectory) and Project X Black (lighter, mid-spin, higher trajectory).

 Ping G25 Hybrids

The Ping G25 hybrids are the clubs' progressive center-of-gravity positions. That means that the CG location is slightly different for each of the hybrids - lower and farther back in the lower-lofted clubs, slightly forward in the higher lofts.
Five G25 hybrids are available: 17 degrees, 20, 23, 27 and 31 degrees. They have stainless steel clubheads with external sole weights to maneuver the CG and improve MOI.
As for looks, they have squared toes and heels, and that charcoal, non-glare finish.
The Ping G25 hybrids have the TFC 189H graphite shaft stock

Ping 25 Irons

The Ping G25 irons come in 3-iron through 9-iron plus pitching wedge, U-wedge (gap wedge), sand wedge and lob wedge. The stock steel shaft is the Ping CFS; the stock graphite shaft is the TFC 189i. 

The Ping G25 irons are high-launching, game-improvement implements with a dark, non-glare matte finish.

Ping G20 Fairway Woods and Hybrids

 Complementing the G20 driver, the Ping G20 fairway woods and hybrids are designed to be forgiving, high-launching and playable from a variety of lies.
The fairway woods are built from 17-4 stainless steel with external weighting the helps lower and deepen the center of gravity. Two graphite shafts are available as stock options. The TFC 169F is higher-launching and the TFC 169F Tour is lower-launching.
The hybrids are offset and have a shorter heel-to-toe length. There is more bounce and greater camber, design features that company says help the hybrids glide more smoothly through grass, particularly when the ball is sitting down in the rough.
The Ping G20 fairway woods come in 3, 4, 5 and 7-wood models.
The Ping G20 hybrids  come in lofts of 17, 20, 23, 27 and 31 degrees

Ping Anser Wedges

The Anser wedges are forged from 8620 carbon steel and have what the company calls a "soft yet solid" feel.
The wedge heads include a tungsten weight in the toe that maneuvers the center of gravity into the desired position and increases the MOI. The flight characteristics that result are high-spin, low-trajectory.
The Ping Anser Forged wedges come in lofts of 50, 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60 degrees. The stock steel shafts are the Dynamic Gold Spinner W and Ping CFS; the stock graphite shaft is the TFC 169i.

Ping Anser Milled Putters

 Ping Golf's 2011 introductions include several putters. All of the new series and new models include what Ping calls its "Fit for Stroke" putter fitting guide.

Each new putter from Ping is balanced to fit one of three specific types of putting strokes: straight, slight arc and strong arc. On the shaft of every new Ping putter is a label indicating which type of stroke that putter is designed to work best with.

Of course, the Anser Milled series carries one of the most famous names of putter models in golf. This new Anser series debuts with seven models, milled from 303 stainless steal, with various hosel configurations, and slight variations in toplines, heel-toe length and toe radius.

All the Anser Milled models have a non-glare, satin nickel finish. Each Anser Milled putter has an MSRP of $325. The seven models (with their associated Fit for Stroke labels in parenthenses) are: Anser Milled (Slight Arc), Anser Milled 1 (Slight Arc), Anser Milled 2 (Slight Arc), Anser Milled 3 (Slight Arc), Anser Milled 4 (Strong arc), Anser Milled 5 (Straight), Anser Milled 6 (Strong Arc).
The Ping Scottsdale line was introduced in 2010, but now the company is adding seven additional models. All models have the series' dark PVD finish that sets off high-contrast alignment aids and sightlines.

Ping Sydney Putters

 The Sydney Putter from Ping is one that will probably turn a few heads. It's hard to miss, with its extreme shape and bright red alignment bar.

In Ping's new "Fit for Stroke" fitting guide, the Sydney is labeled for straight putting strokes.

Designed for maximum forgiveness and easy alignment, the Sydney frame is milled aluminum. The putter head includes three tungsten weights that help with balance and increased MOI. The finish is a "nano nickel coating."

Adjustable Belly Putter

Ping Golf has done that with its Nome putter. The Ping Nome was first unveiled in early 2012, in both standard and belly lengths. Now Ping has taken the Nome 405 belly putter and made the shaft length easily adjustable.
Conventional putters most commonly come at up to 36 inches in length. The common range for belly putters is from 41 to 44 inches in length. The adjustable Ping Nome 405 putter allows the golfer to change the shaft length over a 9-inch range, from a shortest length of 37.5 inches to a longest length of 46.5 inches.

The upper portion of the shaft (the part under the grip) is graphite, and it slides up and down over the lower portion of the shaft (which is 17-4 stainless steel).

To change the shaft length, the golfer uses a Ping adjustment tool, which threads into a locking ring on the shaft. Turn the tool to loosen the ring and the shaft telescopically lengthens or shortens. Find the desired length and then tighten the locking ring, again using the Ping adjustment tool. That's it.
As with other putters that incorporate Ping's Fit for Stroke fitting concept, the adjustable-shaft Ping Nome 405 belly putter is available in three different shaft bends to match three different types of putting strokes: straight, slight arc and strong arc.

Here are some putting tips on how to use a belly putter and fitting for a belly or long putter.

 Ping announced today that a limited edition all-pink version of its G20 driver, the same model used by Watson, will be available at golf shops on or around June 1, 2012. Five-percent of proceeds from pink driver sales will go to the fund-raising campaign known by the unwieldy name of "Bubba Long in Pink. Driven by PING." All funds raised as part of the campaign - which also included up-front donations from Ping, plus another $300 for every 300-yard drive by Bubba - go to Phoenix-area charities selected by Ping with Watson's input.

As for the pink Ping G20, in this case "limited edition" means that only 5,000 of the drivers are being made. They'll be available in lofts of 9.5, 10.5, and 12 degrees for right-handers and 10.5 degrees for left-handers (R and S shafts), plus a women's version with Ladies-flex shaft and 12-degrees of loft. Each TFC 169D shaft will include the label, "Bubba Long in Pink. Driven by PING. Limited Edition 2012." The driver comes with a matching pink headcover.

Please check prices for all the new 2013 Ping  golf equipment at the Springbrook Pro Shop, give Jack a call at 423-568-2161 he is an authorized Ping Stockist or email him at and he will be happy to help you out.