Friday, December 28, 2012

New Nike Golf Equipment

Here is some of the latest Nike golf equipment for 2013

Nike Driver 2013

 The VR_S Covert driver is the world's first-ever high-speed cavity back driver..The standard model has a 460cc clubhead and lofts that adjust from 8.5 to 12.5 degrees

The cavity back in this case is a significant notch out of the sole near the rear of the clubhead. The point of the cavity is to redistribute weight to the perimeter of the clubhead. The cavity means more of the VR_S Covert's clubhead weight is in the heel and toe, boosting moment of inertia, increasing forgiveness, and reducing distance loss on off-center strikes.

The VR_S Covert driver also comes with Nike's FlexLoft adjustability system, which allows golfers, through a pull-turn-and-tighten maneuver, to adjust loft angle and face angle independent of one another. There are 15 different options for loft/face angle in the VR_S Covert.

 Nike Fairway Woods and Hybrids 2013

The VR_S Covert fairway woods and hybrids each include the "covert" technology: Nike's High Speed Cavity Back. But it's a "cavity back" (a notch out of the sole near the rear of the clubhead) that is covert - from the address position, the golfer sees a typical wood or hybrid crown. The cavity is visible only from the sole view.

A cavity back in wood heads works the same as in iron heads: It repositions more weight around the perimeter, increasing MOI, boosting forgiveness, mitigating distance loss on off-center strikes.
Both the woods and hybrids incorporate Nike's NexCOR technology, a variable face thickness that helps create higher ball speeds, especially on shots struck lower on the clubface.

 The stock shaft in the Nike VR_S Covert fairway woods is the Kuro Kage Black 60 with 3-woods (15 degrees) and 5-woods (19 degrees) and the VR_S Covert Tour hybrids come in 3H (adjustable from 17 degrees through 21 degrees) and 5H (21- to 25-degrees).

Nike Irons 2013

 The Nike VR_S Covert Irons incorporate the company's High Speed Cavity Back and NexCOR face technologies in an iron designed for distance and forgiveness.

The High Speed Cavity Back - whose design is "hidden" within the clubhead ( the "Covert" in the name) moves weight to the corners of the clubhead, boosting MOI.

Combined with NexCOR - which boosts ball speed across a larger area of the face - the "covert" cavity back tech helps golfers on off-center strikes with less loss of distance. The NexCOR face's variable face thickness grows the sweet spot lower and toward the toe, a common impact area for many golfers.

In addition, the VR_S Covert irons have a "duel bevel sole" design that makes the club sit slightly lower to the ball; the sole is designed for a cleaner cut through grass, lessening the impact of turf interaction.

The Nike VR_S Covert Irons come in 4-AW, with stock shafts of True Temper Dynalite 90 or Nike Kuro Kage Black 70.

Nike Wedges 2013

 The VR Forged wedges from Nike Golf are offered in three sole grinds to suit different types of players and conditions.
Nike Wedges 2013
They are forged from 1025 carbon steel and have a premium satin chrome finish (black oxide finish also available on all three). They come with Nike's X3X groove design, a high-frequency groove with a laser crosshatch pattern between grooves.
The three models are:
  • VR Forged Standard Grind: Offers the most versatility for wide-ranging conditions; Nike says this is the choice for golfers who carry extra wedges of varying lofts. Comes in loft/bounce combos of 48/10, 50/10, 52/10, 54/12, 56/14, 58/10 and 60/10.
  • VR Forged Dual Narrow Grind: Have a narrower sole, more bounce and greater relief in the heel; sits low regardless of whether the golfer has the blade open or square. Golfers who carry fewer wedges may prefer this model. Comes in loft/bounce combos of 56/16, 58/14 and 60/13.
  • VR Forged Dual Wide Grind: Wider sole with lower bounce, Nike Golf says this is the easiest of the three from anywhere around the green. Comes in loft/bounce combos of 56/8 and 60/6.