Saturday, January 5, 2013

2014 Golf Balls

Here are some of the 2014 golf balls that are now available.

Nike 20XI

The 2014 Nike 20XI golf ball has more within the core, plus in a mantle layer and gives the ball more distance, more accuracy and resistance to wind, but a softer feel and more control in scoring clubs.
Nikes internal tests use their tour players and it has shown that the 20XI increased those players' ball speed by 2-3 mph relative to the Nike ball they were previously using.

The lighter core also moves more weight to the perimeter, creating a higher moment of inertia, which means more resistance to twisting and that is., lower driver spin. The softer feel helps with control and short-game performance.

 The Nike 20XI is targeted to golfers who want that improved feel and control in the short game. The 20XI X adds more distance.

Here are some of the golf hot list 2014 balls that have been introduced , they are now available to start your new season off.

 Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x

2013 Pro V1 and V1x

The new Pro V1 feels softer thanks to a softer compression core, which has decreased from the low 90s to the high 80s. The core change means that it will spin less and have a shallower angle of descent than the 2011 Pro V1 off of long clubs. For most golfers, this means longer carry distance and more roll, meaning the new Pro V1 will be go farther with the long clubs than its predecessor.

While the Pro V1 features the same 352-dimple pattern as the 2011 model, it features a newly formulated cover and paint system that adhere better, which makes it more resistant to scuffs and paint chips and actually improves its aerodynamics.

Pro V1X’s dual-core construction, it’s a lower-spinning golf ball off the tee, and thus the longer of the two balls. The Pro V1X is a natural fit for high-speed players.

TaylorMade The Lethal

The Lethal golf ball from TaylorMade is a premium, 5-layer ball that is the company's next-generation ball, supplanting the Penta.

The Lethal ("Lethal" is used as the sidestamp on the ball) is designed to work well with today's irons that focus on helping golfers launch the ball higher. The Lethal's design takes that into account, with characteristics that counteract ballooning and keep the ball on a more penetrating trajectory.

The ball is designed to hold its line better in the wind, and, of course, to provide a distance boost over previous generation TaylorMade Tour balls.

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