Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ping Scottsdale Putters

There are 12 models of Ping Scottsdale TR putters, categorized by Ping's "Fit for Stroke" criteria. For golfers who putt with a slight arcing stroke: Anser 2, B60, Shea, Tomcat S, Anser 2 B (adjustable belly). For strong-arc putters: ZB S, Shea H. For straight-back-and-through strokes: Piper C, Tatum, Carefree L (adjustable long). Two models - the Grayhawk and Senita - come in all three stroke types.

The "TR" in the name stands for "True Roll," and the name stems from what Ping says are the benefits of the grooves. The face insert in each Scottsdale TR putter has grooves that are deepest in the center of the clubface, but narrow as the grooves move away from the center. This keeps the ball speed off the face consistent whether the ball is struck on the center of the face, or towards the heel or toe. Improved ball speed consistency leads to more consistent distance control.

Those face inserts are constructed with a lightweight aluminum, and the putters have a non-glare, black PVD finish with white sightlines.

As for the Scottsdale TR shafts: Golfers can order a traditional-length putter with a fixed shaft length, or, for an additional $35, select a shaft that adjusts in length anywhere from 31 inches to 38 inches. Additionally, belly and long putter lengths are options in some models.